Hi ladies! I’m Dana Hurt and I’m so excited for this conference! My husband and I pastor Lifeline Church. I love meeting new people but I’m most content at home eating chocolate and loving on my three babies...who aren’t babies anymore (sniff). My evenings are spent either cheering them on from the bleachers or driving them from place to place. I’m cherishing the chaos, knowing it won’t last long. My plants are like pets. I love testing my green thumb with new breeds and just watching their beauty. Not one has ever chewed up my furniture or soiled my rug ! For 19 years, I’ve spent my week days in the pharmaceutical world looking for opportunities to show the love of Jesus. Jesus is truly my source. I grew up in the church, actually in the ministry as a “PK” (pastor’s kid). I’m so thankful over the years the Lord has shown me that serving Him is a “get to” not a “have to” and it’s a privilege to be used by Him. My word for this year is Freedom. My Father God is teaching me to find freedom in all things, resting in HIS approval and everlasting love even when I forget to pick up a kid from practice or finish all the laundry.



Hey friends, I'm Megan Kestner! I started loving Jesus when I was a sophomore in High School and have been growing in my love for Him ever since. Since then, the Lord has taken me to Virginia Tech where I met my husband and then He led us to Denver Seminary where I received my M.A. in Counseling Ministries. The current adventure God has me on is that of being a mom to a 11/2 year old son, a baby girl on the way, my husband serving as our youth pastor, and I’m serving at the Discipleship Pastor at our church. I love being outside. I love dogs. I love all things Autumn. And I love questions. I’m thrilled and honored to be speaking at the Crowns Conference and I hope you join us as we discover who we are in Christ.



Hello hello, sweet friends! For those of you who don't know me, I am the girl behind the scenes of She Who Moves Mountains! Currently, I am in my fifth year at Virginia Tech where I study architecture and am trying to survive my thesis year. I absolutely LOVE writing to and for young women through my blog and cannot wait to expand and grow during the second year of its existence! There's a super special place in my heart for my puppy Winston... but also for orange dark chocolate. I'm a lover of white brick walls and insist on pulling over to take photos in front of them. I also love cozy corners I can snuggle up in. Right now, I am obsessed with Paul's ministry and his boldness in his faith. I've been bursting at the seems to spill the news about the conference for months and I'm so thankful that time is over! I literally CANNOT wait to share with you what the Father has been teaching me over the last year about who HE is and what it means to be a DAUGHTER of this family of HIS. See you soon!

Jess Robinson


Hey there, sweet friends! Most of you probably don’t know me, but I’m Jessica Robinson. Currently, I’m a 30 yr old nurse poet living my best life in Virginia Beach where I lead Kindred, my church’s women’s ministry, and pursue God’s call on my life of going to uncomfortable places with young women who need to know how much they’re loved by our Heavenly Father. I have a 12 year old Yorkie named Wesley, but don’t you dare tell him he’s “elderly”. You can find me at thrift stores, vintage clothing markets, or catching a live show in my free time. I love traveling and have been to 12 countries so far! Right now, God is drawing me to the poetry of the Bible. He’s showing me that poetry that glorifies Him has been around for a long time and I don’t need to feel pressured to recreate those masterpieces. I can not wait to share my heart about living your Kingdom life to the fullest and what that can look like! I’m thrilled to be a part of CROWNS Conference and everything the Lord is going to do for us in that time together!

Moriah Hinton


For those of you who don't know me, my name is Moriah, most of my friends call me “Mo”. Currently, I am a junior at Radford University, studying Elementary Education, with my concentrations in English and Math. I have a huge heart for missions and telling people about the hero of my life; Jesus! Also, I love being the comforter and listener to people when they need it. Hugging is my speciality. I’m a lover of ALL foods, ask anyone who knows me and they’ll start laughing because they know it’s true. Singing worship music to the Father is my escape... a small dream of mine is to eventually lead a huge worship service on top of a mountain, with an impeccable view, in the early morning when the sun is peeking over the heavy fog. Did I forget to mention, I love me some kiddos! Over the last year, God has opened my eyes to His love and how True it is for his children. I’ve grown to understand just how lost I am without Jesus. I’m nothing a part from Him. I’ve been moved to tears several times over the last year, just by reading scripture because I’m finally seeing how it is the LIVING word of God. I’ll never meet a stranger, so I welcome you with open arms!



Hi lovelies, I’m Lindsay! I’m a positive person trying desperately to make love be my loudest voice, especially in this extremely dark world. As a mom, wife, blogger and business woman, I always consider it my goal to make people smile. I love meeting new people and look forward to catching up with old friends too. I’m a neat freak and really love organization. I actually can’t relax until my house is clean; the Lord is currently working on teaching me how to rest despite any chaos that might be around me (He’s got His work cut out for Him on that lesson!). I love theatre, the color pink, clothing and a good deal. I’ve loved the Lord almost my entire life, although when I was 26 I discovered what a DEEP and REAL relationship with Him looks like and I’ve never been the same. I used to be shy when it came to praying out loud and never wanted anyone to hear me unless it was a dinner blessing. Several years ago, the Lord pursued me in this area and gave me no other option but to say YES to interceding for others in prayer. It is my true honor to pray with and for others, whether I know you or not.